Open Carry Magazine?

A concept I've been toying with for years.  Why should people be ashamed for self defense, for saying to criminals, "I am not your victim."  Why?  Because someone five miles away, with a vengeful attitude and a penchant for being a peeping top is afraid of a gun.  They are so afraid of it that they want it hidden behind .0053th of an inch of fabric between the gun and their eyes.  So what gives?  Are they so scared that the GUN isn't the problem but the SIGHT of the gun?  No, it goes far, far deeper than that.

The ban on open carry across the nation has nothing to do with safety, but they will say it does.  They say you are irresponsible for carrying, when carrying is the most responsible thing you can do with a gun because it tells a criminal, "I am not your victim."  They say you are John Wayne, ready to take on the Indians, and aside from them being Native Americans, John Wayne was an amazing man with an amazing life, you could do far worse than acting like him.  They say you are a redneck hillbilly who wants to shoot people left and right.  This has nothing to do with open/concealed carry.  They know it.  They even depict you as a Rambo, a man who went to war against a corrupt police officer who falsely arrested a war veteran with the highest honor a man can get, a man with severe PTSD who wanted to enjoy walking the nation and seeing what he fought to protect.  Then he tortured him, made up charges against him, ran him through a good-ole-boy kangaroo court, then threatened a man with serious combat skills with a knife.  I guess to an anti-gunner refusing to submit to a cop even when he is abusing you is the ultimate insult - and never mind the Battle of Athens.

The last common one is "What are you going to do, shoot the bad guy?  Are you stupid?  The cops will just shoot you too when they arrive."  Too much idiocy in that statement to even address it, but in most cases the shooting is over before the police arrive, and when they do, unless it is behind the Curtain, the police will thank you for saving lives.  So that leaves a lot of disputed ideas, but not much fact.  So what is the fact?

The common thread is that your gun is useless.  You are useless.  The cops are your masters, and the cops will protect you.  The cops are not in the alley at 2am when you forget the time and stay until the bar is closed.  The cops are not in the restaurant when the shooter shows up, you are. The cops are not dancing on the floor in the Pulse nightclub, you are.  The cops are not in the classroom when the angry child shows up with his mom’s gun, the teachers - you - are.

So what is really going on?  It’s simple, and diabolical.  It’s called “Freedom of Speech.”  It’s also called, “Conditioning.”

See, the anti-gun cultist zealot wants one thing, and only one thing.  They want the guns gone.  They don’t care how many people die to get them gone, because they feel morally obligated to remove them and save more lives.  If one child dies in a school, they feel the resulting laws will save ten kids and it really is just a numbers game to them.  Getting upset?  You should, because there is a term for this type of thing... it’s called Terrorism.  When you cause damage to show how damage is caused, kill people to show how easy it is to kill people, then you are a terrorist.

So what does that mean?
A long time ago in the early days of the United States, Native Americans were removed from their homes and sent to "Re-education camps."  The Elder or medicine Man's tent was burned, and laws were passed to make it a felony to speak their native language.  The purpose was to separate the elders from the younger generation.  The purpose was to erase history and make a new people out of an old.  It was extremely successful.  It was only in 1990 that the Native American Languages Act was passed to erase the old laws and declare that the native American languages were once again legal to speak.  Imagine that!  From the 1800's to the 1990's, over a hundred years, it was a felony to speak Choctaw, Sioux, and a host of other languages.  Why is this important?  Because anti-gunner leaders are smart.  They see what works, and they use it.
So banning open carry has the same effect as banning languages.  They both impact the freedom of speech, and they both erase a past to replace it with the new and improved, shiny, "now," that means more to a child than a dusty old book.  By taking guns out of the every day sight of the young, they erase the culture, the past, and they control the narrative.  By getting "Common sense," programs into schools, programs that teach safety similar to teaching abstinence.  There is no USE, there is only BLINDNESS.  This is bad, do not touch, ever.  It saddens me that they use the same techniques that were once used to silence gays, blacks, and any other race/culture the "Powers that Be," desire to erase from out society.
I study history.  History is chock full of examples of a society being forever changed by a short term policy of manipulation.  6 Million Jews died from manipulation, and each time I've seen a country disarmed, that country falls.  The solution to the current problem is the same solution as Gays, Lesbian, Blacks, and every other oppressed group used to great effect.  Defeating them at the ground level.  That means to defeat a bar on the freedom of speech, you must speak.  No, you must shout.  No, you must scream.  At the top of your lungs.  Every time they say, "BE SILENT!"  You shout, "NO!"
This magazine is me shouting, "NO!"
You will listen, or you will not.  You'll join me, or you'll hide.  Some do one, some do another.  But those who run away, hide, are always forgotten in history.  Or, in the case of the Jewish people, they are killed.  Or, in the case of those in Mexico, they are killed.  Or in the case of those in Africa, they are killed.  I think you get my message.  You should, you must.
I'm still setting up the website and I'm looking for writers, editors, photographers, and people willing to donate ten minutes of their time to produce something that will make a difference and protect our republic.  I don't want or need your money, I need you to tell your story, write your experiences, and share your successes.  It only takes a few moments, and it may, just may, make a real difference.


I refuse to be silenced.  Will you?


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