School Shootings, why have they kept going?

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We, or, they, don’t expect the school to be safe. They expect a bunch of children to die, and they’re ready with a press release blaming gun owners – people who were not there, had nothing to do with it (in a way)

No, we do not need military patrolling our schools. This is not a military issue, and armed guards for the kids sounds like a great idea until you compare the pictures below….

To these pictures…

Are our kids prisoners? hey may as well be. Schools are starting to be treated as prisons with roaming guards, razor wire, and entry points instead of the best time of your life.

Okay, look. All we need to do is arm the teachers and remove ONE LAW. The Gun Free School Zone Act Joe Biden pushed on California then on the nation. Like most of his ideas, this one was poorly thought out, and was even ruled unconstitutional. They re-wrote it and since then it hasn’t been challenged in court, yet.

When the government disarmed teachers, it emboldened every pissed off kid out there who wanted to go out by making a statement. Getting back at the bullies. And THAT is another issue… we once taught kids to confront bullies, now, if they get the urge to stand up for themselves, they are promptly slapped down and told to slink back into the corner like a good little (he she it) and pretend they are okay with the name calling, punches in the hallways, and snide comments. Until they aren’t.

So we have two issues in many schools, and three is quite a few.

Kids are bullied and told they have no self esteem, no one is alpha, no one fights back, or you will SUFFER.

Teachers are not trained to deal with this. They are the opposite – trained to NOT deal with it. By law, prevented from dealing with it. Do you know the success rate on using a book to stop a shooter? Yeah, you do. Going INTO a school is TERRIFYING to me. Going onto the property is a study in nerves and control – facing the fear of death on a daily basis. If I was a student today, I would be a nervous wreck before the day was out. I would have lifelong PTSD every time I SAW a school. Knowing that the government has decided that a few of you will be sacrificed every year until gun control is passed, would be HORRIBLE, no… IS Horrible.

Some brainiac decided that “Families,” were a bad thing. These liberal train wreck failures have this idea that women are men, men are women, discipline is bad, the bully is just a poor unfortunate kid with a white dad, and no two moms… and the result is a child who has no self control, no self discipline, no compassion, not common sense, and a world view that, “the USA OWES me EVERYTHING and if I don’t get it, I’m being DEPRIVED!” These little abused kids go from mommies apron stringed kitchen where he or she can do no wrong, to the real world where others want to take your stuff, hurt you, and abuse you… and can’t handle it because they were never TAUGHT!

So we have issues, and school shootings are the result of these failed disgusting terror policies. Yes, the Gun Free School Zone is a terror act by definition… don’t believe me? This is from an FBI sponsored anti-terror group….

What are some of the critical advantages to suicide terrorism that explain its appeal across militant groups?

  1. Tactical effectiveness in comparison to conventional terrorism.
  2. Ability to communicate strategic messages to target audiences. (anti-gun groups issue statements while the smoke is still in the air. In one case, I heard the anti-gun message before I heard about the shooting – about twenty minutes before. How is this? Media hold a story like this for up to half an hour to allow authorities to notify parents, the anti-gunners have no such compassion)
  3. Potent psychological impact on targeted countries. (targeted communities, targeted laws, targeted states)
  4. Ability to enhance the legitimacy of insurgent organizations among their constituent publics; and introduced in the Iraqi insurgency. (Anti-gunners get a huge boost in legitimacy after a shooting and often a huge surge in donations – media attention – and effective push for new laws)
  5. Destruction of an emergent democratic government, sparking a sectarian civil war. (They have done this in spades with anti-gun civilians (non combatants) in the faces of pro-gun citizens.What are the tactical advantages of suicide bombings?

Suicide terrorism is one of the means for weak groups to coerce strong opponents into making concessions or changing their policies. Four tactical advantages to this strategy are:

  1. Kill Ratio: Suicide terrorism on average kills and injures more people with a single attack than any other form of terrorism. (School shootings do the same, and I believe that elements in our government sponsor them)
  2. Smart Bombs: Suicide terrorists are “smart bombs” that can pinpoint their targets, walk into highly secured areas, make last-minute adjustments in their plans, and choose the time of detonation to inflict the greatest damage. (School Shooters do the same, they are the man inside)
  3. Cost Effectiveness: Suicide bombing is an attractive option for terrorist groups seeking a cost-effective way to inflict the greatest possible damage on their opponents with the least number of cadres. (School shooters are primed to do a shooting when it will be the most effective. A pro-gun law (Pulse Nightclub) was derailed by a bunch of dead gay folks and a school shooting happened on the eve of the open carry vote in the Florida Senate.)
  4. Group Security: Suicide terrorists are less likely to be captured and force to reveal their recruiters’ modus operandi. (Many times the school shooter is prompted by a person or someone online, but the police do not want to talk about this too much because it hinders the investigation)

How do suicide attacks heighten expectations of future attacks?

  1. Suicide terrorists often issue prerecorded statements that they are part of an ever-growing pool of “living martyrs” awaiting the opportunity to serve their cause. (The last school shooting, the kid that did it claimed that he was showing everyone just how easy it is to do a school shooting and that we needed to ban ALL guns)
  2. By breaching social taboos and international norms on the use of violence, they make threats of escalation appear credible. (Our schools are becoming war zones – and lockdowns are so similar to prisons that it’s disgusting)
  3. Groups that send suicide bombers are under internal organizational pressure to continue such attacks, so that the deaths of initial “martyrs” are not in vain. (anti-gun groups often issue statements within MINUTES of the shooting to magnify the message while emotions are running wild)

What elements make suicide terrorism a powerful tool of psychological warfare?

  1. Suicide attacks rarely distinguish between combatants and civilians. In this respect, they are not different from other forms of terrorism. However, unlike conventional bombs, which often cannot distinguish between the old and the young, men and women, soldiers and civilians, human bombs can make these distinctions because they walk among their victims, hear their voices, and look into their faces. The intimate nature of suicide terrorism is psychologically damaging because the killers appear to be callous and exceptionally cruel.
  2. Suicide attacks are not new in history, but the general public views them as an unprecedented threat to its security because of their relatively recent revival. Moreover, suicide terrorism is not easily comprehensible; indeed, it appears illogical or downright “crazy” to the general public.
Suicide Bombers in Iraq: Questions and Answers
  Questions and Answers

school shootings ARE domestic terrorism, and I feel, personally, that EVERY politician who has spoken against arming teachers should share in the guilt, and the cell of the shooter.

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