A bit harsh response to an anti-gunner. Question in body.

Where on God’s green Earth did gun addicts get the notion that arming teachers and having the populace running around in public with loaded guns is somehow normal?

When I see a question like this, it makes me cringe. Mostly because normal, reasonable, and sane people do not walk into a room and say something like, “Would all the niggers in here tell me why….” My wife cringes when I use the word, and she was once considered so low in society that a black man could own her. We once had levels of slurs, a black man was lower than a white man, and an Indian was lower than a black man. Now, to some people who cannot CONCEIVE of equality, a gun owner seems to be lower than anyone else. This is how I see your question.
Because that is what you’ve done here. Same tone, same disparaging attitude, and same negative connotations. You put gun owners in a class by themselves, and then shit in our heads. All about 150,000,000 of us. Yes, one hundred and fifty million. And let me clue you in on something… you know those people who are screaming for gun control? THEY OWN GUNS. Yep, every one of them. They own guns, and most of them have concealed carry licenses.

There is no such thing as a “Gun Addict,” any more than there are “Niggers.” We feel the same about you calling us that as black people feel about being called that. We are not “Gun Addicts,” “Ammosexuals,” “Gun Toters,” or the hundred other names that people use to describe us. What we ARE, and please take note of this, are, “Patriots, Fathers, Mothers, Teenagers, Doctors, Lawyers, Bakers, Butchers, Cooks, Ranchers, Electronics Repairmen, Teachers, Professors, Linesmen, athletes, and even (gasp) police officers.” We are the backbone of society, and the ONLY REASON that you are still ranting your prejudiced bigoted nonsense is because we are CIVILIZED. If we were not the most civil people in society, the most honest, the most law abiding, we would not take your shit day in and day out. But I can assure you, we are getting sick of it. The disparaging comments, the rudeness, the prejudice, the bigotry, the racism, we’re getting really damned sick of it. You people need to grow the hell up.

I run a magazine dedicated to openly carrying weapons. Open Carry reduces crime, and makes the most vulnerable in our society safer. It makes the criminal weaker than the average citizen, and with training, much weaker. It reduces rapes and muggings to nearly nothing. Your propaganda says, “But he can get your gun off your hip and start shooting…” nonsense. He can get a gun anywhere, there’s only about half a billion of them in our nation. Why the hell would someone risk getting beaten to a pulp for taking one of the hip of an open carrier. Your propaganda says, “But he will target you first.” He’s not targeting anything, the average criminal won’t even get a job to pay for his own children. He’s after 20.00 to buy a crack rock. Even if he HAD a gun, it’s more likely he’s never shot it and doesn’t know where the safety is than he would enter a business and tactically target only the people carrying, first. The truth is, in an open carry society, he’d be long dead before he got off even a few shots.

No, we’re done with your propaganda. DONE with it.

Here’s the truth.

Open Carry is safe, it’s sexy, and it’s what women should be doing. When a lady walks out of her house, she needs to take her shoes, her purse, her pink with sequins gun holster and her pink SCCY 9mm handgun. She needs to grab her coat and her teal and sunflower embossed holster and her teal Ruger handgun. She needs to make a day a month with her children to go to the ball park, a day to go with her husband fishing, and a day to go with her girlfriends to the range and then to dinner after.

What she should NOT have to do is read about her child dying in a gun free school.

She should NOT have to be teased, attacked, demeaned, by an anti-gunner that she could swat like a fly but is forced to listen to the diatribe, nonsense, and stupidity and screwing up her day.

She should NOT go on a question site and see someone calling her a fucking “Gun Addict.” Some bigoted asshole who can’t even CONCEIVE of someone wanting to protect herself.

I am done with it.  That’s why the fashion magazine.  I’m looking for writers, editors, and photographers.  I pay.  I’m building this magazine from the ground up, literally – yesterday I leveled the lot the office is going to occupy, and construction is expected to take about six months, then we’re going to be open and empowering women and men to carry for fun and bling.  We should ALL be armed.  Crime should never overwhelm a free people.