A doctor said to me today…

“The nut job slinging automatics across their shoulders into Mc Donald’s to order a burger while shouting how much they hate ‘libtards’? Yeah, that’s a very, very real problem. I do not believe that is a good model for any civilized society and despite violent crime, I have no wish to see that everywhere. Makes me very, very nervous to see camo covered yahoos sporting loaded semi automatic weapons in the mall. I have NO idea what their mental state is, and neither do you.”

I want to say thank you for what you do. We all appreciate it.

There has been a concentrated push for gun control and confiscation for years now. People that would normally never think of carrying a gun, are carrying guns. And more than that, they are angry, feel cornered, and see every single day how one more limit has been shoved down their throats. An example of this is gun rights advocates just won a major court battle in Washington DC, New Jersey, Maryland, and California. The people wanted to celebrate, set off some fireworks, and grab a beer and BBQ a former two or four footed critter in a hefty layer of sauce and charcoal. A grand victory against the limits on them in about seven states… but the celebration was amazingly short.

These guys, I know them, they just want to be left alone and do what they do. I talk to them all the time, they say the same things, “I like the world like it is, why they go and mess it up? If the laws made any sense, I might agree, but they DON’T.”

They also say, “I feel like I’m being attacked day in and day out.” And it’s really hard not to feel that way when they know someone who was flagged under the red flag laws, and had a $40,000 antique firearms collection badly damaged by police when they tossed guns worth thousands into the trunk of a car with no more care then if they were throwing the garbage out. Then, these same man sits in the diner weeks later and says, “I still don’t know who called on me, but I spent half my life savings to get a lawyer to get my guns back, and they were so damaged it destroyed their resale value.  Who would do that to me?”

Okay, as a doctor you should know history. You should know what happens in a democracy. The 51% always, ALWAYS vote largess from the treasury for their friends, even as they pass laws that hurt the 49% because they just don’t like them. Marginalizing any person in society is wrong, dangerous, foolish, and will always – ALWAYS lead to violence against the oppressor. That’s why we are a Republic, where the rights of the few are exactly as important and exactly as protected as the rights of the majority.

When you stand in line behind that man with the AK, instead of treating him like a black hoodlum redneck wannabe somethingorother, how about saying hello. Use that diagnostic tool you were given in school. Don’t talk about how you hate him, how you’re afraid of him, how you damned well don’t want him carrying that damned gun…. Ask him what he WANTS. Why he’s CARRYING. Ask him like a person. I can almost guarantee that he will talk to you just like the an old man who is left alone at home and is lonely and feeling abused. This gun owners may have sacrificed his home, family relationships, jobs, and in many cases his retirement and future to divert money away from what he WANTS to do – go fishing, drive the country and explore, go spelunking, go back to college for a mid-life career change… to buy guns that are threatened with confiscation every single day in the news, so that he can defend himself from, and I hate to say it, people like you.

See, He sees you as his oppressor. And in many ways, you are.

You know that kid that came into the ER, gold teeth, nasty attitude, in handcuffs because he robbed an older couple and killed one of them…. and the waiting room down the hall where the widow or widower is sitting, in shock, saying, “I didn’t see it coming, I didn’t see it coming….” over and over again. That man who carried the AK in line at McDonalds is the man who carried because he does see it coming. But if it wasn’t for pressure and abuse by the left, he would carry a 1911 in a nice holster, smile and be friendly to everyone, instead of the man who is determined to stand up and prevent the anti-gun cult from making every waiting room in America full of people just like the older couple, saying, “I didn’t see it coming…,” or more likely, “They attacked me and I had nothing to defend myself with, they were all big men and I’m just a little thing.”

NO society can oppress a portion of it’s people and survive it.

So why was the celebration so short?

When the judgement was handed down, and the plaintiffs had a smile on their face, the city of New York enacted even MORE gun laws attacking the winners –  in mere days. The state of New Jersey passed a spate of new laws targeting the gun owners in retaliation for their loss. The State of Maryland said they were not going to obey the Supreme Court, and the state of California saw the “Good Cause,” limit removed and replaced it in hours with a “Good Person,” rule that required you to turn over all of your social media accounts for examination. Instead of celebrating a victory, they were immediately attacked.  After spending YEARS fighting to get their rights back, in a matter of days, they were taken again.

When I meet the person you mention, I walk up to them and shake their hand. I’ll buy them a meal, sit down with them, and listen. I meet a lot of amazing people like that. And do you know what?

They are real people, many are college educated, and many have held amazing careers. I’ve met a lot of retired military who have no other way to express themselves, and met a few doctors and pharmacists, a few phlebotomists, and a lot of former white collar workers that have good retirement benefits… so stop being an asshole and being prejudiced and meet some of these people without identifying yourself as their enemy and see what kind of amazing person they really are.  Ask them why they are carrying an AK instead of a nice 1911 in a nice holster and don’t talk, just listen.

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