I wish I understood conservatives…. why do you not want change?

As a Constitutional Conservative, my stance is very easy to understand. I believe in Liberty. Well, more specifically, Ordered Liberty. Ordered Liberty means that I would agree with and abide traffic laws as long as the laws were written to moderate the extremes. I want to have a nice drive on a post road, (all […]

Nope, not getting into it…. Not wanting to, anyway…

I’m not taking sides on the abortion issue.  The magazine does not take sides on this issue.  SCOTUS decision to overturn Woe vs. Wade is a correct one, not because I agree with or disagree with abortion, but because it is not a constitutional issue.  There is nothing in the United States Constitution that would […]

A few thoughts and answering a question…

Sorry, should have been more clear in my words. The Court gave instructions to the lower courts. If a statute isn’t something that the colonists would have accepted in 1788, then it is not valid today. “Held: New York’s proper-cause requirement violates the Fourteenth Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising […]


OPEN CARRY IS CONSTITUTIONAL! I’m shaking so hard it is difficult to type.  The US Supreme Court just stuck down may issue statues nationwide.  More than that, they also struck down open carry limitations nationwide.  For the full import of the decision, it will take a day or two to read and research.  It appears […]

Question? Really?

…someone wrote to me… “You do realize if you have a store or school full of people with gun drawn it’s hard for the police to know which one is the bad guy which slows them down right” He went on to talk about shooters, and I do not repeat their names if I can […]

The root cause of all school shootings…

I had a question posed this morning… “Are mass shootings a poor justification for gun control?”  It made me think.  This is my initial response, and I was going to expound on it, but it’s perfect, just as it is…. “Gun control causes mass shootings.” Gun control in the USA was the factor that changed […]

Does the 2nd amendment cover rocket launchers?

The question of the day is…. Does the 2nd cover rocket launchers? The right does cover rocket launchers. It also covers tanks, missiles, ICBM’s and every other form of weapon, equipment, and supply. Asking the question just tells me you really don’t understand how the right to bear arms works. Starting from the start… The […]

Getting sick of it, really really sick of it…

I had this question posed to me today… “Why does the right to bear arms seem to require a daily, weekly, or monthly sacrifice of children and/or adults? What are your righteous or unrighteous thoughts on this issue?“ The question itself was designed to elicit anger, hatred, and a sharp reaction that the question crafter […]

Why you should never talk to police….

I had a question asked about why you should not talk to police if you’ve done nothing wrong.  While I agree there are times you should help the police, there are times you should keep your mouth shut. You may think I’m anti-police, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I respect the men […]

Should we arm our teachers against school shootings?

I was surprised at this question, as it’s a no-brainer.  Of Course we should arm our teachers.  In fact, this is my answer to the question:   First of all, fire any teacher who refuses to bear arms. Teaching is a position of trust, and only trustworthy people should be teaching. Next, training classes. Teachers […]