This is going in the feature instead of Q&A section, you’ll understand why.

What’s your favorite logical fallacy catch phrase used by gun owners?  The person who wrote this question answered it.  He writes, “Mine is “criminals don’t follow laws, so we can’t make any laws that will stop them!”  How many criminals go to prison where they can’t break laws if there aren’t laws? None. This one […]

Why the government doesn’t need to know what guns you own.

“TALLAHASSEE (AP) – A federal judge has ruled that a class-action lawsuit can be filed against Florida over the sale of personal driver’s license information to a private firm. The lawsuit claims the state, specifically the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, improperly sold about 30 million personal records between 2005 and 2009 to […]

A doctor said to me today…

“The nut job slinging automatics across their shoulders into Mc Donald’s to order a burger while shouting how much they hate ‘libtards’? Yeah, that’s a very, very real problem. I do not believe that is a good model for any civilized society and despite violent crime, I have no wish to see that everywhere. Makes […]

A bit harsh response to an anti-gunner. Question in body.

Where on God’s green Earth did gun addicts get the notion that arming teachers and having the populace running around in public with loaded guns is somehow normal? When I see a question like this, it makes me cringe. Mostly because normal, reasonable, and sane people do not walk into a room and say something […]

Keep Down, Shut Up, and let them Die!

A man stopped a shooting in the Greenwood Mall in Indiana a few days ago.  Reports say he told his girlfriend, “…get down and stay down.”  Then from a long way away, he used proper aiming, kept his cool, and shot the shooter.  He’s a hero that spent his time practicing to shoot, he said […]

Nope, not getting into it…. Not wanting to, anyway…

I’m not taking sides on the abortion issue.  The magazine does not take sides on this issue.  SCOTUS decision to overturn Woe vs. Wade is a correct one, not because I agree with or disagree with abortion, but because it is not a constitutional issue.  There is nothing in the United States Constitution that would […]


OPEN CARRY IS CONSTITUTIONAL! I’m shaking so hard it is difficult to type.  The US Supreme Court just stuck down may issue statues nationwide.  More than that, they also struck down open carry limitations nationwide.  For the full import of the decision, it will take a day or two to read and research.  It appears […]

The root cause of all school shootings…

I had a question posed this morning… “Are mass shootings a poor justification for gun control?”  It made me think.  This is my initial response, and I was going to expound on it, but it’s perfect, just as it is…. “Gun control causes mass shootings.” Gun control in the USA was the factor that changed […]