Should there be a universal open carry license?

Like a dog collar or chip? How about really cute collars with spikes in them, or a collar that has a star of David hanging from it? After all, open carriers need to be licensed, controlled, registered, cataloged and recorded. They should have surveillance at any and all times, and they are the most dangerous…. […]

Are states bound by the Constitution?

The question a reader asked is:  Are states bound by the US Constitution when it comes to gun rights? (This one is long and I tried to make it simple, but I probably failed.  It should make a fun read, however) “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in […]

Questions and Answers

Why would someone open carry if they have the option of concealed carry? Personally I detest concealed carry for a huge number of reasons. It’s how people who try to avoid conflict carry, yet, leads to more conflict. It’s a hidden weapon, and while that may be okay in certain circumstances, like, when you’re trying […]

Alcohol and guns, do they mix?

Yes, and no. There is nothing wrong with drinking while armed.  However, occasionally someone will drink while armed and get belligerent.  But a gun is just a tool.  Like any tool, a nail gun, a fire extinguisher, a hammer, it can be dangerous in the hands of someone who is intoxicated.  Is that a reason […]