OPEN CARRY IS CONSTITUTIONAL! I’m shaking so hard it is difficult to type.  The US Supreme Court just stuck down may issue statues nationwide.  More than that, they also struck down open carry limitations nationwide.  For the full import of the decision, it will take a day or two to read and research.  It appears […]

The root cause of all school shootings…

I had a question posed this morning… “Are mass shootings a poor justification for gun control?”  It made me think.  This is my initial response, and I was going to expound on it, but it’s perfect, just as it is…. “Gun control causes mass shootings.” Gun control in the USA was the factor that changed […]

Women are stupid…

Some out there think women are stupid.  These individual feel that a woman is not able, capable, or intelligent enough to defend themselves.  They do not want you to learn to shoot, learn to carry responsibly, and will browbeat you, embarrass you, or otherwise try to shame you into being silent and hidden.  We do […]

Safety is Sexy

My wife and I ate at the Shooters Grill in Rifle Colorado.  There we met the wonderful waitresses, all armed, of the restaurant.  They told me an amazing story about a fight, a death, and a little 100lb woman. Lauren Boebert closed her establishment on night and when she took the garbage out to her […]