This is going in the feature instead of Q&A section, you’ll understand why.

What’s your favorite logical fallacy catch phrase used by gun owners?  The person who wrote this question answered it.  He writes, “Mine is “criminals don’t follow laws, so we can’t make any laws that will stop them!”  How many criminals go to prison where they can’t break laws if there aren’t laws? None. This one […]

Here’s an interesting question I got today…

More than 1400 people have been shot in Philadelphia alone this year (Aug 22). Should people buy more guns to protect themselves?   It’s not just guns. It’s far more than that. We have to re-embrace vigilantism. Now, because you start thinking “Batman,” let me explain what vigilante is. The word originally meant, “Night Watch.” […]

A bit harsh response to an anti-gunner. Question in body.

Where on God’s green Earth did gun addicts get the notion that arming teachers and having the populace running around in public with loaded guns is somehow normal? When I see a question like this, it makes me cringe. Mostly because normal, reasonable, and sane people do not walk into a room and say something […]

Gun Control Propagandists response to a 9th argument.

This is from a conversation I had with a gentleman on Quora.  I am quoting him, but not providing a source.  I am keeping it on file for legal purposes.  His response is verbatim other than the two attachments he added to the end.   As many people do, he loves to banter words, and mix […]

Q&A Answer…Why are guns not very restricted yet?

Imagine you want my guns gone. Now, to do that, you come to my house to take my guns. I meet you at the door and say, “You’re a thief, and I will defend myself against you taking my property.” You leave when I point the muzzle of a 9mm handgun in your general direction, […]

Question today – Why do you have to open carry?

But why do you feel you have to open carry? My choice. Why not just walk around without a gun. I don’t want to. What’s the point? Millions of Americans walk around all day every day without ever thinking of carrying or even owning a gun. Millions more carry in a variety of ways. I […]