Getting sick of it, really really sick of it…

I had this question posed to me today…

Why does the right to bear arms seem to require a daily, weekly, or monthly sacrifice of children and/or adults? What are your righteous or unrighteous thoughts on this issue?

The question itself was designed to elicit anger, hatred, and a sharp reaction that the question crafter was hoping would result in an outraged attack on himself that he could use to his advantage, later.  I felt when I read it that it was a well put together question that was professionally written – not as good as some, better than others.  The point is to get someone to react in anger, then post their reaction and say, “See, gun owners are CRAZY!”  It’s a standard mocking style attack any bully uses.  Here is my answer to the writer or team that wrote it.

If you remove all the gun control areas from the statistics of the USA, then we are the single safest nation on the planet. It’s not the right to bear arms that is the problem, it’s people who cannot get it through their thick skulls that they are the reason the kids are dying. Their gun free school zone experiment is a FAILURE. We have seen more kids die in the last 21 years of this gun free experiment, than in the entire history of our nation before those laws. Since 1990, your laws have killed more children than have died since our founding! And this was even when you could buy a gun from a catalog (yes, even AR’s) and have it shipped to your home.

Background checks have killed thousands of women. They died at the hands of the person they were afraid of while waiting those three days.

Kids have died in schools who did not have to die. Killed by the very laws the anti-gun psychopaths passed to “protect,” them – even though those psychopaths KNEW the laws would not work when they were passed. See Joe Biden? He co-wrote the gun free school zone act AFTER hearing testimony of Suzanna Hupp about how those laws only help the shooters.

Inner city gang problems COULD have been stopped by letting homeowners defend themselves… but homeowners moved out of their homes, and into better areas, because they could not defend themselves of their families, leaving behind abandoned houses that gangs quickly made into drug houses – expanding their areas of influence and the drug market.

And do you know what Joe Biden did? He encouraged MORE drug use. Look at the deaths his and other democrats’ policies have created nationwide. Right now, deaths from drugs is higher than in any time period of the USA, and is the leading cause of death in the USA. When are you people going to get it through your thick heads they are purposely KILLING them?

Did you know the shooting that started the gun free school zone act only disarmed the people who defended the children from a shooter across the street from the school? It wasn’t to protect them, it was to PUNISH them for saving those foreign kids.

Learn something and grow the hell up.