Here’s an interesting question I got today…

More than 1400 people have been shot in Philadelphia alone this year (Aug 22). Should people buy more guns to protect themselves?


It’s not just guns. It’s far more than that. We have to re-embrace vigilantism. Now, because you start thinking “Batman,” let me explain what vigilante is.

The word originally meant, “Night Watch.” Vigil (be aware) ante (at night). It is NOT a police function. It is NOT an individual, “taking the law into his own hands.” It’s a group of people who keep watch over the neighborhood or area they live in. Individuals are not police, they are not government, and they are the ultimate protectors of their own areas. It means stopping and asking someone what they are doing if they are not locals. It means stopping and helping someone broken down. It means going to the place prostitutes hang out and cleaning the area up by literally cleaning it up. This means picking up trash, painting the buildings or cleaning them, and cleaning and painting the curbs or even replacing signs. it means people going out in force and disrupting the johns from picking up girls, then when the girls move on, or you help them get help, then leaving a group there at night for a while to keep the activity from starting up again.

It also means buying, as a neighborhood, abandoned houses and repairing and selling them, or tearing them down and converting the lot into a park.

It’s about being VIGILANT and doing the job we all should be doing. It’s about using what talents, and skills you have to drive the drug dealers out of business and reclaiming gang areas. Guns are a HUGE part of this, because no one likes to be told no. And the police play nice. But there’s a damned huge difference between the police showing up and arresting two hookers, and a group of a hundred residents showing and and putting a stop to the johns buying the girls by yelling at them, and even blocking the cars from stopping.

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