I wish I understood conservatives…. why do you not want change?

As a Constitutional Conservative, my stance is very easy to understand. I believe in Liberty. Well, more specifically, Ordered Liberty. Ordered Liberty means that I would agree with and abide traffic laws as long as the laws were written to moderate the extremes. I want to have a nice drive on a post road, (all highways in the USA are post roads) and the state or federal government has set a speed limit of 70 miles per hour. If a small city on that road reduces the speed limit to 65 for five miles and then sits and gives tickets out to make money, I feel that is wrong.

When I send my child to school, I expect the people I leave him or her with to return them to me int he best possible condition, more educated, and happy as they can while in a learning environment. I do not expect a law to disarm the teachers, and a 29 year history of school shootings to mean my child is killed and the response is to demand more of the same laws that got my child killed. And before you get started, I do my research (which I fear some do NOT do) before stating something like that… in the 300 years before the 1995 school zone act, all of two teachers killed students in their care and in both cases, the student had a gun pointed at the teacher or had already fired a shot. So to claim teachers should not be armed because they are not trustworthy is a fallacy that has been proven with over 300 years of examples.

But see, that is what makes a conservative a conservative. Joe Biden co-wrote the Gun Free School Zone Act and when it was passed, there had been all of three mass killing of children in the USA, and each shooting was unique. One was not a shooting but a bombing, one was a man with a tumor who snapped and felt he was still at war, and the last one was a man sniping at kids from across the street – and he picked his location because he didn’t want the teachers to shoot him. So there was no need for the law to start with, and that is why we opposed it. 32 years later we can see the results of the hubris and arrogance. It’s in the form of dead children. It does not take a rocket scientist to say, Hmmmm…. before the law one kid a year died from guns nationwide, and after the law, 30 a year? I wonder what is different? Then, all it takes is a little research… the crime rate went down nationwide and was trending down when the bill was passed. But while nationwide the crime rate is dropping, and people are safer than they were in 1990, the only cities with excessive gun crime are cities with high drug use and strict gun laws. Then add that to the GFSCA, and you get a trend of shootings happening in high drug use areas with strict laws, and other places with strict laws…. and the only conclusion you can come to is that the laws are the issue. Remove the laws, and the issue will resolve itself.

But we all know that, except democrats want to make more laws, the same laws that have been proven deadly, to combat a problem they created to start with. And they soundly reject the right’s contention the law created the problem – with no thought at all. They are right, and that’s that. It’s the same arrogance and hubris that has killed so many children. And I know, you want to cite me some anti-gun groups statistic to prove me wrong, but every statistic that has been cited to me has been flawed and those flaws proven numerous times over by many different groups. Hell, our president just said that a 9mm can blow the lungs right out of someone’s back! He’s either stupid, didn’t do his research, or is complicit in the propaganda. Why the propaganda? Because they REFUSE to admit they made a mistake.

Conservatives tend to move slowly and cautiously. We LOVE change, but we do not embrace any wave that comes along. We think, research, test, and then when we’re sure we’re going to do something good and worthwhile, we act. Then, after acting, we see if we achieved the results we were looking for, and then if we did, great… if not, then we look at a different solution.

Liberals annoy me so much, they listen to propaganda, seem driven by outrage or hatred, or other emotions, and want change last week by any means possible. Then when it doesn’t work like they expected they respond with an excuse why that blames someone else and never the rule they enacted. Just as with guns, when 32 years later the death rate keeps climbing and people are screaming, “ARM THE TEACHERS!” They yell back, “ONE MORE YEAR and we will find a way to make it WORK! It WOULD work if (name place person law city rule thing or animal) would just get out of our WAY!”

Conservatives are okay and actually embrace change all the time. We just don’t embrace stupidity, arrogance, hubris, bigotry, or racism as the reason to make immediate change or foolish changes just because it will make someone feel better. We think it through, take our time, and plan… then make changes with fear, trembling and a desire to make the issue at hand better, not worse. I really wish the left would just slow down, take a breath and think.  Keep this in mind, rapid change is rarely if ever good.  Rapid changes in the weather can kill, rapid changes in your vehicle and leave you stranded, and rapid changes in your health could leave you dead.  Slow change is almost always best.