Keep Down, Shut Up, and let them Die!

A man stopped a shooting in the Greenwood Mall in Indiana a few days ago.  Reports say he told his girlfriend, “…get down and stay down.”  Then from a long way away, he used proper aiming, kept his cool, and shot the shooter.  He’s a hero that spent his time practicing to shoot, he said his grandfather taught him.  He put his life in front of others’ lives.  He took aim when others were defenseless and helpless because they were not armed or were unwilling to use their weapons to stop the killer.  It’s inspiring and makes me want to carry every day.  I do anyway, but that’s not the point… or is it.  Could that be why the story has all but been erased from the headlines?  We still hear about the school shooting, but we rarely if ever hear about the person who stops a shooting.

Last year, it happened 22 times.  22 times a shooter was blocked by a good guy with a gun.  Now, I’m using CNN’s figures here.  I am giving them the honor of being the subject of my story today.  They get to walk the walk of shame.

A man saved countless lives.  In fact,it takes four shot to be a mass shooting, and with 22 of them stopped, that means that at least 88 people are going to work, drinking coffee, and tucking their children into bed at night because of gun owners.  It doesn’t seem like a lot considering the CNN story says 434, “active shooter attacks,” happened in the USA this year.  And I agree with CNN, it’s not a lot.  It’s too damned few.

And this is where I start to diverge with CNN and where I myself was taken in by the anti-gun rhetoric.  But we’ll get to those assholes in a minute.  Right now, let’s talk about the good guys with guns.

Those 88 people are alive because of good guys with guns.  The mall shooting?  The shooter was stopped in under two minutes.  It takes a moment to hear the shots, understand what you’re hearing, identify the location of the shooter, wait for the shooting alley to open up (if you can wait) and then take your shots.  The mall security are generally not armed, they could not have stopped it.  The police were not there, average is 15 minutes to respond, and that’s after someone gets through to 911 and convinces the operator the shooting is real.  You’ll be damned lucky if a cop gets there in 20 minutes, and no one is talking about how long it actually took in this case.  So a 2 minute response time saved many lives.

So what are the downsides to stopping a shooting, and should you carry a gun?

A lot, and yes.

A lot because the media will come after you.  The DA may come after you.  You may find yourself surrounded by lawyers, spend a lot of your own money defending yourself, and in some cases, even end up in prison like the New York Bodega Owner who defended himself recently.  You will also have to live with killing someone.  That can be easy or hard, but mostly it’s very difficult.  So should you carry a gun?  Hell to the yes.  If you doubt that, ask the 88 people who are waking up and wondering what’s for breakfast today instead of being in an urn on the fireplace while loved ones miss them and curse guns and gun owners.  No, we should not shoulder that blame, or should we?  Did you carry yesterday?  Will you carry today?

The people who carry?  When you see one, approach them and shake their hands.  Police get paid to do a job that may require defending others, gun owners do the same job for free.  When you meet one, tell them thank you.  Or, better yet, buy a gun, get training, and become one of those brave people.

Now, on to headlines…..  And the reason we should CALL our newspapers, when possible, to complain about slanted and despicable coverage.

C** starts out great, they tell the story like any other paper would, and then they go off on their anti-gun rant…. and that’s when I stop reading and switch to a real news service instead of the propaganda network.  When they said, “Having armed people at the scene who are not law enforcement members can create confusion and carry dire risks, according to…”  At this point, I stopped reading.  I have no intention of giving my time to a publication that supports the shooters, and opposes those who would stop him.  What gets me is why they are still in business.

They did, however ask a question that I want to answer.  They write, “A gunman was killed by an armed bystander. How rare is that?”  My answer?  Too damned rare.  But a gun, learn to use it, CARRY it!