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Question: Is Chicago so bad?

Chicago has a policy in place that is designed to kill black people. It disarms the very people who would stop gangs, and the liberal policies in prosecution for crimes are so lenient that it takes all

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OPEN CARRY IS CONSTITUTIONAL! I’m shaking so hard it is difficult to type.  The US Supreme Court just stuck down may issue statues nationwide.  More than that, they also struck down open carry limitations nationwide.  For the

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Question? Really?

…someone wrote to me… “You do realize if you have a store or school full of people with gun drawn it’s hard for the police to know which one is the bad guy which slows them down

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Patriarchy – patriarchy.

Some would have you believe it’s some mythical being who keeps women chained in a basement and treats them like dogs.  You hear liberals talk about it with a sneer and dripping venom from eyeballs set on

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Questions and Answers

Why would someone open carry if they have the option of concealed carry? Personally I detest concealed carry for a huge number of reasons. It’s how people who try to avoid conflict carry, yet, leads to more

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Why we do not pay kidnappers…

It’s one of the oddities of the United States.  We do not pay kidnappers.  Is it harsh?  Of course it is, no one wants to see a child killed, a family murdered, a wife assaulted.  But sometimes

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Alcohol and guns, do they mix?

Yes, and no. There is nothing wrong with drinking while armed.  However, occasionally someone will drink while armed and get belligerent.  But a gun is just a tool.  Like any tool, a nail gun, a fire extinguisher,

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