Nope, not getting into it…. Not wanting to, anyway…

I’m not taking sides on the abortion issue.  The magazine does not take sides on this issue.  SCOTUS decision to overturn Woe vs. Wade is a correct one, not because I agree with or disagree with abortion, but because it is not a constitutional issue.  There is nothing in the United States Constitution that would allow a ruling like that, or, allow the Constitution to grant such a boon to one side of an issue.  This is a state issue, and should have always been a state issue.  This ruling does far more than what you think, in that it also blocks the federal government from making laws, OR LIMITS on what states do on this matter.

What I mean is that if states wanted to write into their constitution that women have a right to abortion, then they have that power.  If they want to ban them, then they have that power.  The reason we live in a United States is that there are two sides to the issue, and both sides need to be heard.  We know from what we’ve seen of the left that it’s their side, or their side.  They used Twitter and Facebook as vehicles to silence anyone who disagreed with them.  They attack people at home who disagree with them.  They attempt to kill people who disagree with them.  They shoot up a school to try to force the courts to agree with them.  I can go on and on, but the left is dangerous.  I fear them, and that’s truth.  When the right doesn’t have things go their way, they protect and demand investigations… when the left doesn’t have things go their way they take to the streets and demand blood.  That’s what I read this morning in nearly every news service.  It does not have to be this way and I wish they would f’ing stop and take a breath.  This out-of-control emotion is embarrassing!  They scream about Jan 6th, but those people at the Capitol that night were not demanding Trump be kept in office, they were all demanding a recount, a verification that the vote was really honest.  Last night the legislature in Arizona was taken to a saferoom because of people trying to KILL them!  When Senator Warren Peterson says, “Feeling safe at the Capitol as I sit by 3 of my fellow senators who are armed…” then I fear for our nation and our way of life.

In the United States, we do not have Leaders, we have REPRESENTATIVES.  The left needs to understand that!  Representatives represent us.  They carry our will to the state and they are our voice to the government.  They do as we direct them to do.  When they do not get their way,m the left should call their representative.  We are not a damned democracy, we are a constitutional representative republic and under that system of government each person’s liberty should be protected. We need to remember that.  Venerating Representative and Senators as “Leaders,” got us into this mess to start with.  Hell, in Illinois I’ve heard people speak of Representatives (or Aldermen) as gods!  I can’t imagine how California feels.  But we’ve gotten to the point we are voting people into office based on THEIR stance on issues, and not voting good men and women and then telling them the stance we want them to take while in office.  We’ve forgotten that these are SUPPOSED to be people from our communities, cities, who are just like us but out to do a job that must be done.  It’s turned into a shit-show of politicians who move from state to state, district to district, making being a representative their personal mission for their own personal agenda and getting elected!  That’s that gets me, they move in, hire a PR firm, and get elected!  They should not even be IN politics!

Abortion is not even the issue.  With being able to get a plane ticket from New York to California for a couple hundred dollars or less, and almost every liberal democrat controlled state offering unlimited abortions, the few states that will ban abortion completely will make no difference in this issue.  No woman who wants one will be unable to get an abortion in the USA, but this may stop some of the brutal practices of after birth abortions, and partial birth abortions.  It might also allow us to put the brakes on the pogrom the left has been conducting against black people by focusing a “kill your child, it’s the right thing to do,” mentality toward black communities.  I’m not racist, and do not support racist causes, and this nonsense of browbeating blacks to abort has led to black people representing 14% of the population of the USA  but 58% of all abortions.  Planned Parenthood, an organization started by a woman with the stated goal of erasing the black population from the face of the earth, has managed to reduce the black population by 1/3 over the last twenty years.  They are so racist and radical, The View’: Joy Behar stated “Here’s the thing: once Black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.”  She cannot conceive of a world where black and white people walk side by side and I can assure her that I know many many black people with guns and would trust almost all of them – just as I trust almost all the white people I know who have guns.  And let’s not get into this side of the topic any more – I was raised in the 80’s and my first crush was a black girl named Tanya and my best friend was a guy that dressed as Mr. T and made extra money doing birthday parties. I do not like racism, I do not like racists, and I do not support their stupidity.

So the left didn’t get their way.  They sit and THINK and make plans to secure abortion on a state level, no, they destroyed buildings, broke into state houses, and threatened people’s lives.  It was a night of unrest the likes this nation has not seen since Vietnam.  But the left doesn’t take things lying down… no, they burn buildings, loot, destroy property, pull down statues and try to erase history.  They are trying to use violence as their means to convince opponents they are right – as terrorists do.

Let’s get our heads out of our collective asses.  If you want abortion in your state, then lobby the government to make abortion legal.  It’s how this nation works.  Let the system work and do it’s job.  IF you are in a state that has a population of spoiled little children setting fires, then go in large enough numbers to stop them and protect our nations’ assets.  I am not saying use violence, I am saying stop the violence.  Stop relying on police to do the job because it’s not their job.