Patriarchy – patriarchy.

Some would have you believe it’s some mythical being who keeps women chained in a basement and treats them like dogs.  You hear liberals talk about it with a sneer and dripping venom from eyeballs set on destroy.  It represents, something,” to them that is hateful horrible and obscene.  Honestly?  I’m not quite sure, but I can assure you that if you ask a hundred feminists what patriarchy means, you will get a hundred boogeyman-under-the-bed answers.

Patriarchy itself has evolved, or devolved, into it’s original form.  Cultures add to patriarchy, and circumstances dictate the leadership style and rules.  We need to drop all of that, and embrace patriarchy in it’s most pure form.  It’s men leading their families.  It’s a position that is granted by your wife, but one that once granted, cannot be taken back except by abuse and misuse.  Leadership on the patriarchs’ side is a harrowing fight that begins the moment she places that trust in him, and ends at death.  So why should she place that trust in him?  And before you get tired of reading, there is a point you’ll want to see.

Patriarchy is leadership.  In no case in our world are there two leaders.  Co-leadership is a lie.  It’s a myth.  It’s fake, false, and wrong.  No army can stand if there are two leaders, no business can survive with two leaders, no flock of birds can fly south with two leaders.  Two leaders is a recipe for disaster, or a constant fight.  This is why the Bible says to submit to your husband… it’s not a the book saying that to keep women down, it’s saying to to save your damned marriage.  It’s saying that leadership cannot be held by two people, and if you can’t see that, then just follow the rule.  Just on a side note, the word submission that is used ALSO says this, because the word signifies a person who willingly and voluntarily submits to a leader, general, ruler, as someone with skills, talents and abilities that will fight for the country under that flag.


Patriarchal lifestyle means that man must lead.  It’s not a saying, it’s a fact.  He MUST do certain things.  He must organize his house.  He MUST turn that house over to his wife for her to rule.  He MUST make sure that the household has the food, items, and equipment it needs to survive.  His job is HARD, and it can easily become impossible if she has not made him her leader.   When I mean impossible, you cannot have a divided house, and the house divided means the house will fall, eventually.  It must.  One will give up and go on with her or his life, of the constant chaos will drive them to separate, or, the two will rip the household apart at the seams.  The man must lead, not the house itself, but the family. His job is to keep it stocked, gas in the tanks, repairs taken care of, food in the cupboards, bills paid, cars repaired, and the family as safe as he can make it.  Sometimes this may mean that he pulls a child out of school over CRT or some gender related bullshit, and provides a tutor, or even a move for the whole family.  Leadership is not a game, it’s not sitting on your ass playing games, it’s WORK.  It means sacrifice, not doing what you want but what you must. A patriarchal based family is stronger, tighter, and organized.  It’s a pleasure to be part of one.  It is hard sometimes, especially when there’s a disagreement, but disagreements are seasonal and eventually dissipate – leaving the family stronger – IF the man leads and is willing to make the hard calls.  Patriarchal marriages rarely end in divorce because of arguments and disagreements.  They do end, however, mostly if one refuses to submit, or if the patriarch is a douche and abuses his family.

Leadership keeps the family safe, and in an armed family, this is even more important.  Leadership in an armed family adds duties.  Training, house rules, range time, storage issues (to keep the great unwashed away from your guns) keep the family trained, safe, and on the same page.

Can the woman be the matriarch and not use the patriarchal system?  Yes.  IF he is willing to willingly and voluntarily submit to his wife leading the family.  It’s done, and it does work, and other than who is in charge, the same basic rules apply.

Lastly, we need FATHERS who are willing to become Patriarchs.  We need men to step up to the plate, and rule, lead and manage their families with the strong hand that will keep the kids from growing up like weeds.  We needs strong women, willing to shoulder the title Head of the Household.

Folks, we are not in Kansas anymore.  The world has changed.  Our Representatives have declared themselves our leaders – elevated themselves from being our messengers to being our masters.  Gas is almost too high to buy, and meat looks like it may not be affordable without a loan, soon.  Criminals control the government, and the police are now working for them, not you.  Folks, the shit has already hit the fan, and we’re on our way to getting sprayed, and it’s our own damned fault.  Why?  Because it was OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS PATRIARCHS to keep our government under control.