Q&A Answer…Why are guns not very restricted yet?

Imagine you want my guns gone.

Now, to do that, you come to my house to take my guns. I meet you at the door and say, “You’re a thief, and I will defend myself against you taking my property.” You leave when I point the muzzle of a 9mm handgun in your general direction, cussing and ranting about how I shouldn’t have the right to DO that. I was EVIL, HORRIBLE, and a KILLER!” (These are names I was called by anti-gunners recently)

Now, since you failed to disarm me, you go to the city and say, “I don’t like him, I want YOU to go get his guns, he fought back when I tried to steal from him.” So the city says, “Um, no?” And ask you to leave.

You leave and fume, get more and more outrageous about it, until your insanity infects about ten others. So those ten and you find someone with real money and start a campaign against me and my gun. Oh, I’m not named, because people LIKE me. I’m designated, “the crazy gun owner,” “The Redneck Psychopath,” “The White Supremacist,” “The Armed Racist….” and so on. Because if you said, “The man at the end of Pillsbury Lane who is out tending his plants every morning with his little cute dog, the one who hosted the neighborhood kids at the lemonade stand and who provided the flowers for the military grave visit on Veterans Day. The guy who is a combat veteran of two wars and still gets a tear in his eye when he recites the Pledge of Allegiance while he remembers his Battle Brothers who fell to keep this nation safe, you would get damned little support.

So you and your ten friends get big money backing. Never mind that the money comes from the drug cartels who want people disarmed like they are in Mexico, so they can branch into the USA… you ignore that to take the money and run for office. You use slick ads, tons of drug money and eventually all ten of you are elected. You IMMEDIATELY pass “Gun Reform.” You celebrate. So does the cartel.

A week later, the veteran is killed. You USE that death to say, “Those damned guns! I want MORE laws limiting them!” Never mind that your law disarmed the man who was killed, and the gun that shot him was provided by the cartel. You sit back and say, “Yeah, I know all of that, but that bastard fought back and embarrassed me, and I really hate guns, so this is a good way to get them off the street. Then, when they are gone, I’ll get my cops to get the cartels out of the city.”

Folks, this IS the nature of gun control. Everything and every law stems from one person saying to another person, “I don’t LIKE you, and you should not be allowed to own that gun.” It started with democrats trying to disarm blacks so they didn’t get shot trying to lynch and hang them. Then it moved on to New York where a criminal organization (Sullivan) passed a law to disarm their victims. Then later it was used in California to disarm blacks who had the AUDACITY to oppose racist laws. (black panthers) and then in Texas where busybodies didn’t want blacks owning guns so they made a law limiting open carry and gun rights to landowners with over so many acres – cutting blacks out of carrying guns. EVERY SINGLE ANTI-GUN LAW IN THE USA HAS BEEN PASSED TO ASSIST CRIMINALS OR RACISTS.