Question: Is Chicago so bad?

Chicago has a policy in place that is designed to kill black people. It disarms the very people who would stop gangs, and the liberal policies in prosecution for crimes are so lenient that it takes all but a murder to get a conviction for anything. They have decriminalized drugs and the police get payoffs to avoid the inner city open-air drug markets. The reasoning is that one more dead black person is one more black person they don’t have breathing. And yes, the mayor is onboard with this even though she is black. Why? Because there are many kinds of blacks. The upscale ones, and the hood rats. If she can kill enough hood rats with bad policing, bad policies and disarming anyone that would stop the crime, then those hoods rats become one of the 81 people shot last weekend. This is how bad it is, and this is from the Chicago Police Department….

19 murders, 42 sexual assaults, 196 robberies, 145 aggravated batteries, 190 burglaries, 447 thefts, and 335 cars stolen… IN THE LAST SEVEN DAYS! IN a city with the population of 2.6 million.

So far in 2022, with the new mayor the crime totals are…

323 murders.
1,011 Rapes
4,026 Robberies
2,837 Violent assaults
3,587 Home invasions/burglaries
8,683 thefts


Ad they want to spend millions of dollars, manpower, time, energy looking to restrict the people who are victims of these crimes’ right to defend themselves?

Chicago should have city training classes, awareness classes, gun ranges everywhere, urban shooting training on every damned street, laws that make it easy to shoot in self defense and an even looser stand your ground law than most states have. They should be BEGGING people to carry guns. BEGGING them.

But nope, the policies are to disarm the victims, militarize the cops, keep the cops out of the south side and hope, every day, that more black kids die. It’s a pogrom.