Question of the day: Will the police officers who first responded to the Texas school shooting be fired for cowardliness?

Those police officers were under no obligation to protect those children. I want you to understand something, and you really should pay attention. Police are NOT your protector, and they are NOT the protector of your children. While I do advocate teachers being armed, I do not do so because those men and women would protect your children, but because those men and women should be allowed to protect themselves. Government is not your master, it is not your keeper, it is not your savior as some liberals think. Government is our creation and we did not create it to powder our butts and pat us on the back when we feel down. Government is there to punish criminals after they commit crimes. For government to trigger, a crime has to have been committed already. A police officer CAN approach someone about to commit a crime and ask them questions, but that is not a crime, being about to do something and they cannot act until after the criminal does.

Those men and women were paid about $14.00 an hour, so each of them, on that day, made $112.00, and 20% of that was taken by the government, so they made $89.00, and then they paid for goods out of that money, which was another 6% so that left $83.66 for the day they were there. So tell me, if it was a neighbors child and you were facing down a man who had already killed a number of children and a teacher, and you had a wife, brand new baby, and a mother you were taking care of at home, would YOU put your life on the line and possibly die for Eighty Three Dollars and Sixty Six Cents?

YOUR child, is to be protected by YOU. It’s YOUR job and YOUR job alone to protect your child.

And if your child goes to school…. you abdicated your duty to that child by sending him or her to a school that was unarmed and a known location for a potential killer to kill people. You could send the same child into a hell’s angels biker bar on free drink night and the child would be safer!

So there are three people involved in every school shooting. The school for opening their doors KNOWING they may be targeted by a shooter… that they have a 1/90,000 chance that their school will not be the one targeted the next time… The parent for sending their most precious asset into a place where they may be killed, and the population at large that allows this travesty to keep on, just so they can feel justified in their hatred of guns when the next group of children are killed on the altar of gun control.

So no, I do not accuse those officers of cowardice. I accuse the parents of stupidity!

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