Question? Really?

…someone wrote to me…

“You do realize if you have a store or school full of people with gun drawn it’s hard for the police to know which one is the bad guy which slows them down right”

He went on to talk about shooters, and I do not repeat their names if I can help it.  To me, they are the, “(name) high school killer.”  They don’t get to have their name said by me.

Here is my reply.

I never posited a theory of who a shooter is. I know they come from all walks of life, and all education backgrounds. They range from janitors to teachers to parents to marines, to army vets to university educated. A shooter who wants to die and is willing to amke a statement has no overt mental states that will let others know what is going to happen, until they pull the gun and start killing.

The only person who can stop them, is someone with a gun.

Disarming the victims for him does not help. And I say this with a heavy heart, it’s been done.

What? Fort Hood, a Psychiatrist who had gone through Officer Training School shot 30 people. Not just 30 people, but 30 people who all had been trained to kill. ANY ONE OF THEM could have stopped him. But Fort Hood is a gun free zone in most cases. After all, it’s safe as a school, right? All of those soldiers, many who had seen combat, gunned down in the hallways, crying and screaming for a GUN to DEFEND themselves with.

I hear this story time and time again after a shooting. The media doesn’t give them even a moment of airtime. “I wish I had my gun, I might have been able,” “I could have stopped him!” “My gun was in my car because it was illegal to bring it into…” “I took my gun out of my purse and put it in my glove box because…” “I COULD HAVE STOPPED HIM!” “WE WERE SITTING DUCKS!”

An armed teacher could have stopped nearly every mass school shooting that has ever happened. We provide more guards for our MONEY than we do our kids. We have more security on our homes than most schools have even today. We carry guns at home, we protect our families with guns, we use guns as a deterrent.

Until California stopped them, a lot of people were walking gang/drug areas doing Open Carry Trash Pickups.” They walked the streets in large groups, and in those areas, crime went WAY down. No one shot at anyone, either. Criminals do not like guns, it’s hazardous to their health. They will actively avoid houses where the people are known to have guns, and if they DO break in, it’s when no-one is home.

I have no theories. My mind is made up, and my knowledge is based on facts. Talking to people, meeting people, interviewing people and putting together stories…. and do you know what I have NEVER heard?

“The man raped me, thank God I didn’t have a gun.” “My parents were shot that day and I survived, thank heavens I wasn’t armed.” “When they broke into my house and looked down on me, and I knew without a doubt I was going to die, I am so glad I was not armed.”

The gun free zone was a foolish idea that has gotten over 300 kids killed. And I can bet you money, solid gold, that every teacher shot would say the same thing. “I wish I had carried a gun that day.”

The poster responded:  Not blaming law abiding gun owners but for one thing you made it easy for the criminal or mental person to get his hands on a gun. It’s your policies that allow this and you know it.

My response:

There is not one city, one county, one state where I can not get a gun in about five hours. I can MAKE a gun in about a week. I have a friend who can make one in two days, and did just for fun once. I can make a black powder gun in about two weeks, a flintlock, or a black powder shotgun in about three days. Every library in the USA has plans for a gun in some form. The internet has plan for zip guns, pipe guns, and even automatic guns. Here’s the problem with your logic.

Can you stop the bad guys from getting guns?
Every day in every city in the USA a bad guy gets a gun. I can get a gun in any city in the USA in less than 8 hours – even if I have to buy it somewhere else and drive it in. And before you get started, that gun is no more or less safe in my city than it is in another. What these bans do is make more criminals, punish those who did nothing wrong because of the actions of another, and the only people who obey the bans are the people who also obey the law… in other words, the victims. The laws disarm the victims, have almost no effect on the criminals other than they know their victims obey the law. Maryland proves this fallacy wrong because all the laws have done is diarm the victims and made bolder criminals.

Go the gun bans help?
No, they do not. Women die every year, a lot of them, waiting for a gun permit to be approved. It goes against the narrative, so the media doesn’t give airtime to these cases (I need to with the magazine) but a woman afraid of her stalker, who has had threats made to her, who is in fear for any one of a hundred reasons – has to wait three days to get a gun. MORE women have died waiting than ever died because her boyfriend or ex lover or other person had to wait three days to get a gun. The three day wait law is a dismal failure that has resulted in death nationwide. AS for the rest of the bans, they do not disarm criminals, or Chicago would be a paradise of happy people instead of the drug infested hellhole it is. The facts prove the matter, every city that has ever enacted a gun ban, has suffered higher crime rates, higher murder rates, and more death by guns than ever before.

So how DO you stop a shooting? To start a fire you need fuel, oxygen and a heat source. You can stop it by eliminating one of the three. To stop a shooting you need a person who has lost his ever-loving mind, a gun, and a victim. You cannot identify the person who is going to shoot someone until they take that action. You cannot get rid of the guns, it’s impossible when someone can make a gun in a day. So you remove the victim. To follow the analogy, to stop a fire, you can’t remove the heat source because you can never account for every heat source – just as you can never account for every insane person, oxygen is like guns, there’s too much/many to ever remove them completely, so you have to remove the fuel. Putting a sign up that says, “This is a gun free zone,” is not a solution, and in fact, as human nature shows, a pile of wood that is unattended will be a prime target to anyone who has a touch of arsonist in them. The same with someone who wants to be a famous killer, it’s far too tempting a target.

But houses rarely burn down anymore. They treat curtains with chemicals that resist flame. Install fire extinguishers to stop fire before it gets too out of hand, and enact basic safety measures in commercial buildings.

To stop mass shootings you have to do the same. You need to harden the targets and make it less effective to attack them. This can be done with basic security measures such as locks on the outer doors, and barring people who do not belong from schools. But it does not solve the problem. This is the anti-flame treatments…. and as in fire, they are themselves destructive to a degree and will not stop all fires or all shootings.

You cannot limit air, we need it as much as we need our guns. You really don’t understand this nation if you think we can give up our guns while we have our current constitution. We, the people own the right to bear arms, and grant it to our government… not the other way around. To bar the right legally, we have to completely change our government from a republic to something else, otherwise it is impossible to do. A dictatorship would work, where the dictator has all the weapons and the people become chattel, a communist state would work where the government controls all the weapons and the people are just cogs in a wheel, to be removed on a whim… history has proven this true time and again. But the facts remain, to remove all of our guns, the right must be transferred to the government… the same government who kills black men who are unarmed, breaks into houses and kills EMT’s because she moved funny, who guns down kids in playgrounds because his fake gun didn’t have the orange tip or the cops couldn’t see it. The same government that once enslaved blacks, who currently can’t even enforce it’s own laws on immigration, and is constantly mired in one controversy after another including Shrimp Boy Yee (Leland Yee) who was one of the biggest proponents of gun laws until they arrested him for gun running. No, you cannot remove guns, the result is death, destruction, and carnage on the scale of Maryland and Chicago and St. Louis and Los Angeles, and any other, pick a name, anti-gun city. Banning guns cannot and will not work – even if it was possible.

So the fuel. These are the victims. You have to fix it. You do that in a number of ways. Training classes on self defense. Remove all limits to carrying guns except those areas with paid security equal to or better than a person can employ themselves. You harden the targets with locks, and real security, armed security. I am NOT talking about, “Resou8rce officers,” but paid mercenaries who are trained in active shooter and who have military training and combat experience. I would say one security for each 30 students in a school, with patrols, checkpoints, and professional/military grade weapons. These men would not be there to stop fights, but to deal with deadly threats. Or, you can do the smart thing.

You train teachers to defend the kids. This means a lot of things. It means a new requirement to get a teaching certificate. It means training on weapons, tactics, civics, and how our government works. This is range time, professional training on dealing with armed threats, monthly retrains, yearly restrains, and pretty much what every teacher has to go through already with their schools now, but with an added subject. When a teacher fails, they are removed. When a teacher balks at learning to defend their students, it’s a moral turpitude issue and they are dismissed. In short, you remove the fuel and make it defended from the flame and the fire.

It’s the only way to prevent mass shootings, the only way.  Nothing short of total disarmament will stop them, and even that will not STOP them, just make things worse and destroy our nation.

I’m not willing to let that happen.