Question today – Why do you have to open carry?

But why do you feel you have to open carry?

My choice.

Why not just walk around without a gun.

I don’t want to.

What’s the point? Millions of Americans walk around all day every day without ever thinking of carrying or even owning a gun.

Millions more carry in a variety of ways. I see people carrying nearly every day. Often stop and say hello, talk guns, talk holsters, and make friends. I like brave people as friends.

What is it that you are doing and why?

I’m showing people a nicely dressed man carrying a nice looking gun in a nice looking holster. I’m being a face for Safety is Sexy, and I like the responses I get and my wife gets when people approach us to talk about American, Liberty and Freedom. My wife carries a SCCY 9mm in Teal, and I carry a SCCY 9 in black. She rarely goes out without it, and really enjoys the conversations she’s gotten.

You can’t say “Second Amendment” as that is a reference to a well regulated militia.

You have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Sorry, but the 2nd and the right to bear arms only vaguely have anything to do with each other. Carry a weapon is our RIGHT… the 2nd limits the government. Even if you erased the 2nd, it would change NOTHING, as we would use the 4th 9th, 10th, 14th and Enumeration to protect our right.

The forces of rich vs poor are really the ones pushing this agenda.

Oh, bullshit. You really have no clue. The poor are MORE likely to carry openly than the wealthy. I know of people who are so poor they have to get help buying heat for their houses… and they own a number of guns. They would go without food before losing the gun. If you were smart, you would be the same way. Do you know who loves guns the most? Those who hated them until they needed them… the ones still alive that is.

I say this as some one who is licensed to own both restricted and unrestricted firearms and though I know what I’m doing — having gone through extensive training courses — I would never open carry and never carry a gun in my car.

It’s okay. I understand. Some people are just not… as… brave as others. It’s your right, if you want to hash it up like that, and be stupid, that’s your choice, not mine. Do as you please. But do us all a favor and get a good insurance policy. One that covers if you get shot by a criminal who sees you as an easy target, and one that covers your legal fees if you ever have to pull out that hidden gun and defend yourself or someone else… not that I’m worrying about that. You don’t seem like the kind of person that would place his someone’s welfare over his own.  Oh, and what you just did is called being a, “Judas Goat.”  A Judas Goat is a goat trained to lead the other goats to slaughter.  He shows them all it’s fine, safe, and just follow me because I know what I’m doing, and it will be okay.  You did the same by saying, “I’m a gun owner and I love my restrictions, come join me!  Don’t listen to THAT gun owner, he’s stupid!”

Most people who do are either poorly trained or not trained at all.

Unqualified statement from someone who doesn’t carry and claims his training makes him superior to the college girl who uses a gun to keep from being raped or killed. It’s a slingshot. It has a safety. using one requires that someone pull one lever and use basic common sense. I want to see all women carrying, and If I have my way it will also be decorated with chickens or sunflowers (working on those holsters now) and I want to see EVERY woman wearing one. They deserve to be as safe – they deserve to be safe and sexy.

They think going to the range is somehow real world training but in an active situation most people put themselves at far greater risk by having a gun as opposed to being trained to avoid dangerous situations.

Running away and making clucking noises is not always an option. Nor is trying to be faster than your companions so you get away and the attacker only goes after your buddies. You want to be insulting, then I can respond in kind. Open carry prevents most of these scenarios, anyway.

Too many Americans think of guns as accoutrements or decorations or status symbols — they are none of these things.

Okay, buster. Wrong. Dead wrong. Stupidly wrong. Carrying a gun IS a status symbol. It’s saying, “I am not your victim. Move on.” They ARE accouterments just as a purse or shoes are… some prefer plain and functional, others prefer pretty flowers and colors that match the purse and shoes. Because YOU see a gun as a freaking nightmare does not entitle you to attack US because we see it as a fashion statement and an example of free speech and liberty. Guns are ALL of those things. They are status symbols, they are accouterments, and they are decorations. LOL, I know of restaurants where all the waitresses carry guns, and one major restaurant chain that has a rifle over the fireplace of every location. I run a magazine where our motto is Safety is Sexy. And it is. Unarmed is not sexy, it’s terrifying.

Outside of hunting rifles and shotguns all guns are designed to kill people.

So are fire extinguishers, cars, and boats. Slingshots, BB guns, sticks, rocks, and some over the counter medications. What’s your point? Oh, am I supposed to cringe in horror? Not happening. I have one gun on my desk next to me. It’s a Falcon .22 revolver. It’s loaded. It’s cute and we use it to shoot cans while on our front porch. When we start shooting, it’s a 20/70 chance one of our neighbors will come over to shoot with us. It’s just a damned gun. Basic safety, common sense, and they are just as safe as a Halon Fire Extinguisher and far less dangerous. Do you know what is MORE dangerous than a gun? Someone with no damned common sense and an ink pen or keyboard.

This is what we teach our kids — it’s ok to want to kill people — the world is unsafe and we need to carry guns.

That’s what we SHOULD be teaching our kids. Glad to see you finally get it. When I open carry, quite a few of the comments I get are from kids or parents. They are generally, “Nice gun,” or, “My mom lets me shoot sometimes, I like your gun mister.” Except the, “Kill people,” nonsense. Where do you get that. Carrying a gun does not imply I want to kill people no more than having a fire extinguisher means I want to commit arson, or having a condom implies I want to rape someone. Keep your damned propaganda to yourself. It’s insulting, and disgusting.

What makes the world dangerous is that so many semi- or untrained people are carrying guns around.

What makes the world dangerous is that people feel entitled or don’t care about harming you. They want what you have, be it your body or your home or car, or lawn mower. If you give it to them, they will be happy for five minutes then want more. THIS is what makes people dangerous. A gun stops that. Too bad you are too brainwashed to see that. We’re not. We carry, we carry often, and we carry in a multitude of ways. Where I live I would bet there are five people in the entire county not armed. I have not met them. I think they are a myth. We haven’t had a murder in as long as I can remember and we rarely have any crime at all, people who would take advantage know they would be looking down a barrel and pissing themselves if they tried. I did have a man I know say he had his car stolen once, but he does leave the keys in the ignition. He got it back a few days later, when the kids dad called him to come get it. It does occasionally happen.

The United States attitude toward firearms has made us the laughingstock of the world.

I agree. To think that some idiots are so anti-gun that they would disarm teachers and get kids killed. It’s disgusting and the rest of the world cries alongside gun owners each time it happens. But we are rearming teachers across the nation one state at a time, and when we do, we stop the shooting opportunities in that state. Soon, the shootings will stop and we will be safe again like we were before the 1990 gun free school zone act. We are also reversing the anti-victim pro-criminal laws from the books in other states one at a time, and as we do our crime rate goes down. When we get open carry to be the common way to carry, then crime will plummet and we can start erasing the laws in democrat controlled cities that are getting so many good people killed. I know they are laughing at us, seeing the rot move through our society, but it will get better and we will once again be the hometown wonderful place we were before the anti-gun psychopaths started disarming victims for political gain. CARRY PROUD!

More guns, more crime,ore mass shootings, more people in prison per capita than any country in the world — all this and more because American LOVE guns.

Nothing you cited had anything to do with guns, and most of your post is nothing but regurgitated propaganda. If you like I can cite the sources for most of it. Brady Campaign (you cannot use a gun to protect yourself without excessive training) MOMS (Schools are not safe unless the teachers are disarmed) Everytown (more guns equals more crime) I can break down nearly everything you‘ve said to one of the anti-gun propaganda sources and it’s really sad that you no longer think for yourself. Hell, you even quoted the 2nd wrong and that nonsense about militias was disproved nearly 250 years ago. You might want to look into who is supplying the money to these propaganda groups.

You should all take up gardening and so something far more useful with your time.

I have a 3 acre garden with livestock and my wife’s chicken breeds. It takes time, but I have enough to deal with people who attack us on here, as well. So why to do I say attack? Because your entire post is designed to be disparaging. You have yourself a good day, and remember this… tomorrow I will carry my Heritage 6 shooter in your honor. Might post an edit with a picture of it in my custom holster when I get a chance.