Questions and Answers

Why would someone open carry if they have the option of concealed carry?

Personally I detest concealed carry for a huge number of reasons. It’s how people who try to avoid conflict carry, yet, leads to more conflict. It’s a hidden weapon, and while that may be okay in certain circumstances, like, when you’re trying to sneak a gun into a place you want to rob, or you’re planning on shooting someone and don’t want them to see you coming, open carry is and should be the norm. Open carry has a lot of advantages.
1. You are visible. Criminals are generally cowards. They will rarely if ever attack a stronger opponent. They will hardly ever attack someone who can kill them.
2. Criminals tend to avoid any place where people are armed.
3. Open Carry is a statement. You’re telling the world, “I am not your victim, leave me alone.”
4. Open Carry is education. My wife fields questions almost every day she carries. She’s been confronted on it, too. In fact, just the other day a woman walked up to her and said, “I wish I could carry like you do, but I feel much safer while you’re carrying. And where did you get that awesome holster!”
5. Open Carry is visible. People ask questions. People become interested. In our case, our holsters are fun and vibrant and happy. She likes Chickens, and I like colors, so teal and green guns, teal and pink flowers and a chicken.
6. Concealed Carry teaches children that it’s wrong. It puts guns in the same category as their privates – something you have, but something you don’t show people. It makes guns disgraceful – which is WHY anti-gunners prefer it.
7. Concealed Carry lets criminals think they’re safe, when they aren’t. If you’re out to kill someone, then conceal carry. If you’re out to live peacefully, then open carry.
8. LIE! “You’re the first one targeted.” The person that thought this one up watched too many movies. In their mind, the buff and well fed criminal tactically scouts out the building, sends his accomplice into the store to check to see if anyone is armed, then they burst in while one covers the cashier and the other clears all the gun owners out of the store by shooting them, then they say, “GIVE ME 20.00 TO BUY CRACK!” Hollywood nonsense. A poll of prisoners asked them if they would continue a robbery if they went in and someone was carrying openly and all but one said no. The one who said he would said something like, “I was so strung out I wouldn’t have cared.”
9. The bad guy will get your gun. TRUE! If you let the bad guy get close enough to you to steal your gun, then you are doing a few things wrong. One, you’re carrying openly without taking the time to take a class and learn about how to carry properly. Classes are not mandatory, but they are recommended, and many are fun. Two, you’re watching too many movies and think you have to walk right up to someone who is trying to rob you. Three, you’re not wearing a holster that keeps the gun in until you want it out. Do you wear two kinds of shoes? One for this and one for that occasion? There are types of holsters as well. One for open carry in social settings, and one for day to day carry, and one for carry when you’re worried. Tactical and retention holsters are cheap – mine are fashion holsters and expensive. Pick the one that works best for you, and ladies, pick the fashion ones, they are cute. So take a class, carry with the right holster, and don’t let the bad guy get close to you.
10. You’ll scare people. Even MORE reason to carry openly. If a gun is a shocking thing to them, that means that the anti-gun propaganda is working and not enough people are carrying. It means you should carry, should be cautious (because high crime always accompanies a ban on open carry) and start carrying with friends. You can also do open carry trash pickups, open carry dog walks, and open carry mall walks, and if the mall will not allow it, do the walk around the building.
Hope it helps.