Safety is Sexy

My wife and I ate at the Shooters Grill in Rifle Colorado.  There we met the wonderful waitresses, all armed, of the restaurant.  They told me an amazing story about a fight, a death, and a little 100lb woman.

Lauren Boebert closed her establishment on night and when she took the garbage out to her dumpster, she encountered a dead body.  The man had been beaten to death feet from her back door.  Had she taken the last bags out earlier, she may have run across the killers.  It would likely have resulted in her death.  Or worse.

People across our nation are faced with this scenario almost on a daily basis.  They find themselves with the chunk of lead sitting in the pit of their stomach, not a bullet, no, the realization that their sense of safety is an illusion.  As Lauren imagined, many discover, that the anti-gun establishment doesn’t care what you are faced with, they are only about an ideology based on a fallacy.  Most cults are. The reality never concerns them, and the reality for many is that one day you may find that the people you most dread encountering, are right in front of you and there’s no where to run.

Lauren understood this, so when confronted with the dead body at her feet, she knew she had to take matters into her own hands, well, on her own hip.  She knew that a 99lb woman that stands 5 foot nothing was not going to defend herself from a thug intent on taking her money, her body, then possibly her life. 

When patrons come into the restaurant, they will find that Lauren is not the only safe person who is also sexy, her waitresses all decided to carry as well. 

Lauren even loaned one of the ladies the money to get her first gun and hosts shooting/safety classes after work to keep the ladies dangerous only to those who want to take something they are not entitled to.

So if you want to pop into Shooters Grill and get breakfast.  I would recommend the Stake and Eggs, which is made with quality steak, (mine was New York Strip.  It was amazing with a capital A) and fresh eggs.  I have to admit, it was a breath of fresh air eating in an establishment that was safer than any I’d been in, in ages.  Definitely a go-to for anyone on the road.

Her holster was made by Holster Co, in Addison Colorado, and the weapon she chose to keep herself and her patrons safe, is a SCCY 9mm in black, because black goes with nearly everything.  It’s also a light weapon making it easy to openly carry all day in a busy restaurant, and it comes in almost every color you can imagine.