Should there be a universal open carry license?

Like a dog collar or chip?

How about really cute collars with spikes in them, or a collar that has a star of David hanging from it? After all, open carriers need to be licensed, controlled, registered, cataloged and recorded. They should have surveillance at any and all times, and they are the most dangerous….

There should be NO license to exercise a right. I am not timid, not cowardly, and REFUSE, REFUSE to be told carrying makes me anything but a law abiding citizen of the USA. I am not a second class citizen that needs to be licensed. I am not a danger to people. I am not a crazy lunatic that cannot be trusted around an open beer. I am not a threat to law enforcement. I am an OPEN CARRIER of a tool that makes me, and everyone around me, safer.

When people stop letting anti-gunners EMBARRASS them, and tell them they are something less because they carry a gun, then we can be the CIVIC LEADERS we are intended to be.