Should we arm our teachers against school shootings?

I was surprised at this question, as it’s a no-brainer.  Of Course we should arm our teachers.  In fact, this is my answer to the question:


First of all, fire any teacher who refuses to bear arms. Teaching is a position of trust, and only trustworthy people should be teaching.

Next, training classes. Teachers have to take c=lasses on how to teach, how to run a classroom, and how to deal with unruly children. They generally have to have four or more years of college to don the mantle of, “Teacher.” Adding one six month class to the curriculum is not only reasonable, it’s mandatory.

Teachers should carry openly. Understanding the truth of life in the USA is that people are armed. The openly carried weapons will deter shootings and my guess is they will stop except in rare cases – and in those cases, the results will be contrary to the wishes of the would-be shooter. Open Carry invites questions, and this leads to civics education.

Retrain just as teachers retrain every year. A retrain and concentrated class each year or four on how to deal with an active shooter would benefit everyone. It would allow new techniques, and refresh the memory of the original training.

Monthly mandatory range days. Teachers competitions on shooting. Civics and Gun Clubs on campus as it once was nationwide as little as 50 years ago. ROTC demonstrations. Firearms safety classes for kids.

Right now, kids who are suicidal turn to guns as a means to, “Get Even.” If that would only mean a fast death, most kids who want to get even will walk away and re-evaluate. But this belies the issue that is at the root of the problem.

Leadership, classes, must, resume.

For some idiotic reason, leadership classes have been removed from our schools. Leadership, civics, civic duty, and responsibility, home economics, home management, – all of these have been dropped in favor of gender studies, how to report a bully, and how to be a good minion. Kids come out of school expecting someone to take care of them. That should never happen.

Bullying. It should be identified and the student taught to resist the bullies, over come them, and stand tall for others who are bullied – not to stop the bully but in how to defend against him or her. THIS is what is needed to get our nation back into shape.