The Great Experiment! A 28 year failure!

For years, the government, media and personalities have told us guns are bad. They write it into episodes of every show we watch, bury it in the headlines and stories of the most popular TV shows and movies. They use, “What do you think you are, a Rambo?” as a slight, slander, taunt, an action designed to elicit shame, disgust, fear, loathing, weakness, doubt. The Brady and other groups actually held an active shooter scenario where the shooter entered a lecture hall and shot the concealed carriers first, just like they tell you will happen, just to reinforce the lie. I just conducted a conversation with a professor who was so blinded by his hatred toward guns, that he could see no alternative to total disarmament – a goal that even terrorists, Russia, Mexican Drug Cartels, and China wants.

We’re no longer buying the lie. It has worn thin. The truth, that disarming the victims is a fools errand at best, helping the killers at worst.

So, a crazy breaks into a school, shoots a bunch of children, and we cry, “Arm the TEACHERS! Stop this carnage,” and the president of the USA gets on television and says, “We need MORE laws that are ineffective, because, god dammit, we’re right and guns are bad!” We shake our head and prepare for more restrictions that will do NOTHING, and wonder whose children will die next.

The 28 year experiment of disarming teachers has come to a head. It does not work. Kids are dying, and the platitudes and promises of politicians are doing nothing but disarming everyone BUT the shooters, making life hell on everyone BUT the people killing kids, and the killers? They are celebrating because the targets are still rolling on by in the great school duck hunt experiment.

Who’s child will be next, sacrificed for the Great Experiment of an IDIOTIC Gun Ban.

Will it be your child?