The root cause of all school shootings…

I had a question posed this morning… “Are mass shootings a poor justification for gun control?”  It made me think.  This is my initial response, and I was going to expound on it, but it’s perfect, just as it is….

Gun control causes mass shootings.”
Gun control in the USA was the factor that changed form us having one death by gun in the USA for over 212 years, to mass shootings today.  That one death by gun is a number that included the three mass shootings prior to the 1990 Gun Free School Zone law.  The Bath massacre in Bath New York, the Texas A&M Shooting where a marine sniper shot civilians and students form a tower, and the shooting in California where a man shot children from across the street from the school.  Each of these incidents had one significant factor today’s killings don’t… the shooter did not enter the school buildings. (I guess the Bath killer did, but he drove a truck of explosives into the building and set it off)  Modern shooters enter the buildings, because they have a more likely chance of success if they enter the gun free zone with a weapon… they are the only ones armed and the weapons to stop them must come from outside.  Gun control disarmed the protectors of our kids.

It is the single most significant factor in every mass shooting.
Bullying and our response to it is the second most significant factor in a shooting, but a victim of bullying is out to make people hurt for the pain they suffer at the hands of the bully.  Some are suicidal and want the pain to end.  Some want to lash out at the teachers and other staff that emasculated him by making it impossible to stand up to the kid tormenting him.  But the one most significant factor in all of this, is that the student knows the school.  He knows the patterns.  He knows where the principal’s office is.  He knows where the person who tormented him is.  He knows which teachers will fight back and which ones will cower down.  He knows everything…. and he knows that no one in the school will be able to fight back.  This is why there are no mass shootings when teachers are armed.  There has never been a mass shooting in a building that had armed teachers.

Making laws do not work.
The laws that are written after a shooting are not designed to stop the shooters.  The California shooting inspired the Gun Free School Zone Act.  Had this law been in place before the shooting it would have had no effect on the shooting as it happened… it may have inspired the shooter to go into the building however, and kill close up.  In other words, it would not have made the shooting cost less in lives, it could have only cost more lies in the end.

Look, there are about 60 million kids under 19 in the USA.  Since mass shooters are almost always male, that leaves 31 million kids to look at as a potential shooter. Can anyone reading this tell me the names of ten of the students in your child’s class?  I know I can’t, and couldn’t when my kids were in school. So how can you possibly know what John Shooter is doing at home?  Do you know if he was bullied?  By whom?  When?  Will a red flag law stop him?  No it won’t. Will a law on the age to buy a gun stop him?  No, because he can get a gun anywhere.  NY Times estimates that 750,000 AR style rifles are bought in the USA each year and this story was from 2000.  That means that since 2000, we have 16.5 million new Ar’s out there, and that does not include the Obama and Gun Control surge where sales went to 1000% for a couple of years.  Personally I would estimate three times that number to be more accurate – about 50 million… and this does not include the sales before 2000 – the rifle has been on the market since 1958.  It wasn’t until 10 years later, 1968, that catalog sales of rifles stopped, before then you could buy an AR over the counter, through a catalog, or any way you wanted – and do you know what?  No school shootings even when a child could order an AR and have it shipped to his house, no questions asked.

The guns are not the problem, never were.
NO child looks at a gun and says, “Wow, I have easy access to this gun, I’m going to go shoot my friends.”  And before you start, this IS the talking point of the anti-gun crowd.  It takes far more to get a child from a fun happy kid to a raging psychopath.  As I’ve said, bullying is one factor.  Unhappy home is another.  Video games do contribute to some of the shootings, because it takes an already unhealthy child and put them in an adrenaline fueled simulation that makes them feel as if they are getting back at their tormentors. The motivations of these shooters is varied and diverse… which is also a factor in why no law will stop a shooting, ever… and can only make the shootings that do happen, worse.  Look at the last shooter, when in custody he said that SCOTUS had a case that would make it easy to carry a gun, and he wanted to stop that.

The shootings are media driven.
Disarming potential victims, then engaging in rhetoric designed to inflate egos and inflame tempers, is a recipe that the democrats have used since they were supporting the KKK, and the tactic is very effective until it’s stopped.  We also have outside the USA elements working diligently to disarm us.  Look at what disarming people has done for the inner cities.  Rife with prostitution, drugs, and gangs, these are MARKETS for those who control our media.  Look at the ownership lists for the most anti-gun media outlets and newspapers and you’ll see the same names over and over – and they don’t live in the USA, and many have ties to drug cartels.  Drugs are great money makers, but the sellers cannot gain control unless we are disarmed.  This is why the laws do not stop shooters and are not even directed AT potential shooters.  Think about it.  And I’ll drop a name.  Carlos Slim.

What can we do?  What can I do?
We’re fighting back. stopping it now, by arming the teachers, and removing these illegal anti-gun laws passed while we were asleep.  You can also call your Senator and Representative (it DOES help!) and demand they stand firm against illegal laws.  You can file lawsuits, picket, protest, and if a congressman refuses to see reason, file charges, ethics complaints, and even impeachment of your rep if you can get enough traction.

Remember, every gun control law in the USA can be removed with 268 votes.  That’s all.  269.  That’s 217 Representatives, and 51 senators.  Not many… probably less people than work at your local city hall.  And if they refuse?  Impeachment, recall, ethics complaints, and even arrest are on the table.  The simplest is for us to band together and use the resources we have to defeat these people and take our nation back.  79 million voted republican last election.  Imagine we sent one dollar each to defeat Nancy Pelosi.  That gives her opponent 79 million dollars to campaign.  Now, imagine we gave ten dollars each.  Yes, that is 790,000,000 dollars.  More than half a billion dollars to defeat one candidate.  Imagine you’re a big spender and you spend 500.00 on the next election.  That’s ten dollars to defeat each anti-gun senator.  Seven hundred and ninety million dollars to each candidate that replaces them.  This can change the USA completely!

But complaining, listening to the news, watching and waiting and hoping is just being a noisy insect to these people and it’s WHAT THEY WANT.  They WANT you listening to the news because while you’re watching others do something, you feel you don’t have to.  Then the next shooting happens and the news laws come out and you’re unprepared to do anything.

We need a real organization to stop these killings with real laws that will accomplish real results.

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