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What’s your favorite logical fallacy catch phrase used by gun owners?  The person who wrote this question answered it.  He writes, “Mine is “criminals don’t follow laws, so we can’t make any laws that will stop them!”  How many criminals go to prison where they can’t break laws if there aren’t laws? None. This one is so bizarre that it leaves me nearly speechless everyone I see it…”

My answer:

47 people in a building. One more enters. 47 are abiding the law, after all, gun owners are dangerous when they are armed and drink alcohol. Gun Owners might shoot the waitress if they don’t get their salad on time. Gun Owners are crazy and out of control and have bad tempers and will just shoot anyone that looks at them funny if they drink an alcoholic beverage. That last one in the building does not obey a number of laws. For instance, he violated the parking ordinances when he drove into the building, and he also committed a number of crimes involving destruction of private property – oh, and he was armed and he violated that law, too.

So, this man, armed with no assault weapons, just a cheap Ruger that held 14 rounds, and a Glock that held 17 9mm rounds.

The man’s dad was a military doctor and his mom a home-maker. He was well educated and spent a lot of time all around the nation and probably overseas as well even though I wasn’t able to confirm that. He was well trained on the use of firearms, and served three years in the US Navy. He was 35 at the time he drove his pickup truck into the building.

He did this at 12:35, about fifteen minutes after I left.

In the building was Suzanna Hupp, Her mothers name was Suzy Gratia and her dad Alphonse (Al) Gratia. Suzanna and her parents obeyed the law.

The man’s “Rampage,” lasted 12 minutes. In the end, 42 people were shot and 24 dead. See, the man who shot them did not obey the law, but while he didn’t, his victims did. Suzanna Hupp lost her parents that day, and her gun, that she COULD have stopped him with, was safely away from her “Gonna shoot the place up because I got ranch instead of bleu Cheese,” hands and locked in her truck where it was safe, and everyone else was safer for it. I cannot IMAGINE what might have happened if she had the gun with her that day! She might have gotten out of control and shot the killer because he called some women, ight? People just aren’t that good with guns and the killers, oh, man, are they good at killing… RIGHT? RIGHT!

I dropped my family off in Lampasas (look it up, nice little town) and when I got back to work I heard about it on the radio.


Then how do you explain THIS one.

WE all knew that at night, Fort Hood was a sitting duck. We all KNEW it. Why? No ammo, no weapons. Oh, there were an average of (redacted) MP’s on patrol on base, but Killeen had more police on patrol by a factor of about ten. So when a poorly trained officer (officers get a very basic weapons course if they are in non-combat roles) got it up his ass to go and shoot trained, combat blooded military experts, he managed to kill 45 Servicemen.

Mike Cahill, PA,
Lenny Caraveo, Major
Justin DeCrow Staff Sergeant
John Gaffaney, Captain
Fred Greene, Specialist
Jason Hunt, Specialist
Amy Kreuger, Staff Sergeant
Aaron Nemelka, PFC
Mike Pearson, PFC
Russel Seager, Captain
Fran Valez, PFC
Juanita Warman, LTC
Kham Xiong, PFC

Two of my good friends worked in this building and were not there that day. Friends I would gladly die to protect.

James Armstrong, Specialist
Patrick Blue III, Sergeant
Keara Bono Torkelson, Specialist
Logan M. Burnett, Specialist
Alan Carroll, Specialist
Dorothy Carskadon, Captain
Joy Clark, Staff Sergeant
Matthew D. Cooke, Specialist
Chad Davis, Staff Sergeant
Mick Engnehl, Private
Joseph T. Foster, Private
Amber Gadlin, Private
Nathan Hewitt, Sergeant
Alvin Howard, Sergeant
Najee M. Hull, Private
Eric Williams Jackson, Staff Sergeant
Justin T. Johnson, Private
Alonzo M. Lunsford, Jr, Staff Sergeant
Shawn N. Manning, Staff Sergeant
Paul Martin, Staff Sergeant
Brandy Mason, 2nd Lieutenant
Grant Moxon, Specialist
Kimberly Munley, Civilian Police Sergeant
John Pagel, Specialist
Dayna Ferguson Roscoe, Specialist
Christopher H. Royal, Chief Warrant Officer
Randy Royer, Major
Jonathan Sims, Specialist
George O. Stratton, III, Specialist
Patrick Zeigler, Staff Sergeant
Miguel A. Valdivia, Sergeant
Thuan Nguyen, Staff Sergeant


Come on, guess.

They were DISARMED. Because of Post Regulations that were put in place by the President. Do you know why? Because it looked bad when visitors come on post and saw men and women armed. It led to a bad feeling and they complained. And do you know what ELSE these men and women, brothers in arms, had in common? THEY OBEYED THE LAW.

So, how many names are up there? How many victims to a poorly thought out ban on weapons on our own military bases? HOW MANY? 45 shot, FORTY FIVE SOLDIERS KILLED BY GUN CONTROL!

You want MORE examples? Or should I start talking about how criminals obey the damned law? These men and women were in this medical facility to get a physical on return from combat duties. They had just gotten home from a country where most of the people wanted to shoot them, and were killed by a crap shooter who had damned little training, He used a handgun with a 20 round magazine EVEN THOUGH HE HAD AN M16 assigned to him he could have checked out of the armory at any time.

I see these questions all the time, and every time I hear of someone stopping a mass shooting, I think of the people on here demanding we disarm everyone. And I honestly ask myself, “Who are they working for?” Because they HAVE to be either working for our enemies, or damned stupid.

I tip my hat to the men and women who died on the alter of Gun Control, and promise once again, I will NEVER stop trying to protect their right to kill the animal attacking them.

You notice I did not use the names of any of the shooters. That’s because they no longer have names.