Today’s Question: Why do gun control advocates spew inaccurate definitions of what is a militia?

They honestly don’t think that they do. They are so steeped in the Mob Mentality, that they cannot see the right or wrong of their actions at all. They are being carried along by their emotions and feelings, and are not thinking at all. Imagine a black man who touched a white woman – and the people of the town were so angered, so enraged that he DARED to do something to outrageous, that they don’t think of the love the two have together, they don’t think of the rightness of their lives, they only see outrage, they only feel the raw emotion of lighting the torch, grabbing the pitchfork, and cutting a length of rope. They go forth in righteous anger thinking that no matter WHAT they do, it’s the right thing to do and they will be forever justified in their actions. Even as a woman cries her soul out on the ground knowing that it is her family and friends who did this, and even as a man jerks his last heartbeat away as he dangles from the rope knowing that what he did was not wrong and looking in confusion at the crowd around him and wondering, “Why do the hate so much?”

Keep this in mind when you talk to these people. They are not THINKING, they are only REACTING. You cannot reason with someone like that. You cannot argue with them. You cannot sit down at a table and negotiate. They will keep going until there are no longer a thousand people, no longer a hundred people, no longer ten people, for the rest have woken up or gotten a sour taste realizing the ultimate result of their hated. And the few remaining? They will still be screaming their hatred until they themselves burn from the inside, dooming themselves to a bitter life still wanting to grab the rope, still feeling it’s texture in their hands, as they pull and lift a man up by his neck. And then they do what they can to see thier dream, their desires, fulfilled. They run for office to stop what everyone else has abandoned. They try every trick they can to finish the hanging. They use laws when people will no longer do it. They use tricks when honesty is no longer working. They scream at others and cry, “Look over there, they are dooming us!” When they themselves all but cry themselves to sleep at night to only dream of that rope and that dangling man that so outfoxed them by having the audacity to survive.

This is gun control. The sad thing is, the people demanding gun control today are only doing so because the people who died without that feeling of rope in their hands, taught those poor souls to hate as much and as hardily as they once did. They train their new generation of mob, praying even as death sweeps over them, that one day their children will get to pull on that rope and be a part of that mob and they pray that the mob their children are part of, succeeds.

This is the essence of Gun Control.