Why the government doesn’t need to know what guns you own.

“TALLAHASSEE (AP) – A federal judge has ruled that a class-action lawsuit can be filed against Florida over the sale of personal driver’s license information to a private firm.

The lawsuit claims the state, specifically the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, improperly sold about 30 million personal records between 2005 and 2009 to Shadowsoft Inc., an Irving, Texas-based Internet marketer. Shadowsoft then sold the information to other firms that target consumers.

An attorney representing the drivers told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that the sales violate a federal statute banning the disclosure of personal information from driver’s licenses. Howard Bushman says addresses, dates of birth and possibly Social Security numbers were released.

The judge in Tallahassee ruled earlier this month that affected drivers can become members of the suit.”

See, imagine you live in California.  They register all weapons. In California the state Department of Justice not only released the names and addresses of every concealed carrier who had his or her license, they published them on their official website.  Was it a mistake?  Imagine, this list is not commonly seen, and is considered eyes only by the department.  That’s not to say it’s secret, as I think any clerk who works in that department or related departments have daily unfettered access to the list.  So, instead of doing as Florida did, and selling the information, they just put it up on the website for anyone to get.  I’ll bet the clerks who may have been selling that information to criminal groups was angry that day.  They lost a lot of income.  And if you think I’m being extreme… I’m, not.  On October 21st, 2015 6 people including a DMV clerk were arrested for selling ID’s to felons who had just gotten out of prison.  It cost them 5K to get a new identity, split between 6 people… not a bad take for just getting a name and birth certificate (Real ID requirement) from the people supposedly there to protect that information.  So do you really think that other clerks are not cashing in?

On May 2015, in Buffalo New York, it was revealed that ALL of the DMV information in New York including names, addresses, phone numbers, any vehicles registered, and all other information that was shared with the state was sold to anyone who wanted to verify a driving record.  The list included insurance companies (not necessarily car insurance), courts, and private companies who sell products to new car owners.  Yes, that’s how the, “Your Car’s Warranty…” folks get your information.  How much did they make off of your trust?  60 million each year, as of 2015.  I can’t find a followup story on this one, and I would assume they are still doing it.  THESE are the people who want to keep a list of what guns you own?  THESE most trustworthy of individuals want you to register your weapons with them?

A Colorado clerk was charged with identity theft, South Carolina DMV clerk took bribes to issue licenses to unqualified drivers, and if you do a search on google, you’ll find HUNDREDS of cases of impropriety concerning people who you trust with your information.

So, would you willingly walk to the local convenience store and tell the guys hanging out on the side of the building that you own three shotguns, two AR’s, and five handguns?  Oh, and don’t forget to tell them your name, address, phone number and who your relatives are… because that’s what getting a registration for your gun means.  It means gift wrapping that information and gifting it to these very people, because THEY are the ones who will act on it.

I just had a wave of tiredness wash over me as I wrote that.  My mind made the connections to the large number of guns stolen each year.  Why not?  After all, if you know John Smith has four guns, two of them are valuable collectors items (you can tell by the serial numbers that you have to turn over and can easily look up…. wait, let’s actually do it.

Okay, imagine this scenario.  You’re sitting in a bar, drinking and talking to a pretty girl who looks stressed out.  She wants a change, hates her job, and hates gun owners.  Actually not uncommon at all.  So, while talking to her you say, “I want to steal some guns.  I can make a fortune on them.  I’ll cut you in on the money, and keep you completely out of it.  All you have to do is give me the name and serial number of a gun owners guns…  I don’t want the names of guys with fifty guns, or with only one or two.  Those guys carry and protect their stuff.  No, just the folks who have five to ten registered to them.  They are the safest and the guns are easier to make good money on.”  So the clerk thinks about her car payment, her home mortgage and realizes the only thing between her and some good money is a piece of paper that can’t be traced back to her, anyway.  So she sells the information.  It is this…

John Smith
1234 Driveway Road
Stockton California, 32165
Handgun – Serial number 311254  1918 Original Colt 1911.  Worth 3,024.00 at last sale.  Serial Number stamp, 24.00.  Changing the serial number, twenty minutes.  Street sale, 1500.00.  Gun passed background check online with new serial number 311284.  That serial number is still valid, was used on multiple guns, and is NOT one the police are looking for.  Easy sale.

Rifle – Restricted.  Serial Number 653215497  Rock Island Armory, manufactured in 2018, unmodified.  Worth about 1800.00 at auction.  Changing Serial Number, 30 minutes.  New Serial Number 653218497.  Serial Number is valid, registered to Robert Smith, not reported stolen.  Easy sale, gun passes background checks, and a gun once registered to Robert Smith now belongs to (name customer).

Man waits outside home, victim goes to work, man breaks in, steals guns, sells them later, and clerk gets $200.00, $2000 goes to crack dealer which is then sent to Mexico for the Drug cartels to use, and the rest is used to buy gas for the cousins car and some alcohol to celebrate with.

Folks, THIS IS REGISTRATION.  And this is why you should NEVER register a gun!